homework homework homework

homework homework homework

Creating a second grade classroom which is an engaging and effective learning space for students is a busy task. It is busy in a happy way however. I am a yellow brained girl (Emergenetics), and I just want to soak in everything! Filtering is the mantra the I repeat everyday.

Speaking of filtering: I will be choosing only up to 3 applications for the IPADS per week. Students and I will not be able to manage the bells and whistles of multiple apps going on. Do any of you who are extremely proficient with applications have a organizational idea for this?

Of course, one cannot forget about the community/routines and rituals that will need to be created during the first months. Students need to understand the purpose of this space, and learn how to negotiate as teams with strong stitches of friendship sewn throughout.

Last week, some colleagues and I looked at the Promethean table with ActivInspire from Promethean Planet. Tomorrow we go to SMART and see their table. As usual, I am studying the application power of these tools to take my students to levels of thinking that are not just replaced by the technology, but enhanced by it. (SMAR model).

This is my coffee table. Sometimes I just go in there and sit, staring, hoping that the knowledge in the books and articles will just SOAK into my brain. I am also learning the LEGO education curriculum this summer, which I feel will be a HUGE buy-in and engagement piece for kids. The LEGOS are divided into various curricular parts: literacy, science (STEM) and computer programming (with robots).

Well, I’ll take another breath and go back into the living room and see if my staring becomes reading!


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