Floors ground down, walls stripped, equipment ordered, logos designed, professionals in collaboration, advice given, advice taken.  The Primary Innovations Studio’s bones are becoming established.  However, as I reflect upon my practice, during the last decade of the 20th Century and the first two of the 21st, it is clear that there is one never ceasing component that is of the upmost importance, and that is the child.  A colleague reminded me today not to “lose myself” in the process of creating a space such as this.  I will not.  I will still hold a child’s heart as I help motivate him/her to reach new heights.  I will respect and listen to the child’s advocates, and I will communicate honestly and transparently.  I will continue to dance, sing, paint, and laugh with my students.  However, the Primary Innovation Studio is offering me a place to pilot the thinking that I have been dreaming about and reading about for years.  I am receiving a rare opportunity of physical space, and welcome and encourage my colleagues to reflect with me as WE travel along.


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