Thank you for sharing, Jean Kirshner. Also, thank you for your kind words that resonate with me throughout this project:

“On your thinking with “justice,” my thoughts on this are that we have to move forward. I am huge believer that education is a human right ultimately, health care too. I also believe we can’t put out a new and effective medication until we have had a brave few try it out first. I always go back to what we talked about the other day…without some forward thinking lab schools at Harvard who thought small guided reading groups might be more effective than whole group instruction in the late 1940s, we would all still be in rows with six hours of whole group instruction. At the same time, some wild and crazy lab schools tried the “wall-less” school with bean bags…didn’t work. YOU are the pioneer who will ultimately change education for everybody. Fair? Well…I am constantly seeking social justice, and spend a great deal of my life dedicated to it …but the yellow brain says the best social justice of all is to understand how to best lift humanity. You are doing just that.
I really do celebrate these complicated times. You are an example of what is right on. I realize your particular type brain is being honored right now, and different brains are being challenged. There is inequity in that as well…however, there are times through out our careers, lives and cultural history where one kind of brain is more valued than another. It’s the ebb and flow of human consciousness. We all take turns. Your time is now, and you will lift our profession beyond what you can even imagine.
I am honored to watch this amazing experience unfold. Rejoice!!”


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