RAFT Colorado

Today, I went to RAFT for the first time. http://www.raftcolorado.org/

Creative WAREHOUSE shopping for teachers at its BEST. I filled a cart, and could have filled 10! Most items will be available to kids in the Maker’s Space.

What Is RAFT?
To learn 21st century skills — critical thinking, creative problem solving, and collaboration — kids need to be actively engaged in solving meaningful problems. RAFT is where teachers go to get inspired and find interactive, hands-on resources to help their students acquire those 21st century skills.

RAFT supports thousands of teachers by providing them a professional, collaborative space. At RAFT Colorado, teachers find creative teaching ideas and workshops supporting Colorado’s new education standards, as well as a large, well-equipped teacher workspace and opportunities for informal professional development.

RAFT supports teachers by being green. RAFT gathers unwanted items from local businesses and upcycles them into interesting and unique learning activities. Last year, we diverted approximately 17,500 cubic feet of waste from landfills in Colorado.

RAFT supports teachers by turning their dimes into dollars. Teachers spend an average of $500 of their own money every year on classroom materials; at RAFT, most of our abundant, unique items are available at 80-90% off retail prices every day.

RAFT supports teachers by being a hub of creative, fun, and engaging educational ideas and activities. With special expertise in science and math, RAFT offers a variety of ideas, activity kits, and workshops that are tied to the Colorado content standards.


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