10 Big Concerns About Devices in the Classroom

10 Big Concerns About Devices in the Classroom

Yesterday, my husband overheard some folks in the office complaining about devices in the classroom.  “My kid is on the computer ALL the time….what is happening to the classic studies of holding a book and/or a pencil.”  When he told me about this conversation, it made me wonder what parents and stakeholders are thinking about 21st Century Education. As we all know, the talk on the sidewalks and neighborhoods is often peppered with misconception.  I found this article (thank you always Edutopia and Edudemic), and it addresses some of those.  I can tell you right now, in the Primary Innovation Studio technology will be TOOL….just like a book, just like a pencil.  As students are aiming for goals that they have ownership of, they will be able to use tools which are conducive to what they need to accomplish.  


2 thoughts on “10 Big Concerns About Devices in the Classroom

  1. I so agree with the concerns and with your statement about technology being a TOOL in the classroom…just like books and pencils. But it sure is an engaging tool!

    1. Thanks, Jan. I am pretty passionate about the balance! Kids will choose their “tool” when they need to accomplish a task, show their thinking or dig deeper. I trust that they will make GREAT decisions, and I will be there as the tour guide! Of course they’ll have some writing with a pencil boot camp first! (-;

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