Putting together the Primary Innovation Studio has been fun, but today was the best ever. Finally the students arrived, and we put the space to the test.  The simplicity of the environment is interesting to me, as student work and student movement is the highlight of the room, not the decor.  The puzzle tables are a great success, with kids enjoying the ability to work together and move freely.  Love the Jaxx beanbags.  I was surprised to see them seating up to 4-5 kids!  I wish the carpet was a bit bigger; however, we made a grand circle around it and had some great sharing times.  My favorite part is the space in the room which was the most challenging to plan, and that is the raised bar.  I was worried about students maneuvering the stools; however, they just jumped right up on them, enjoying the touch and presenting today!  This afternoon a SMART Interactive Flat Panel.  This unit will have touch points for kids and I can’t wait to get them busy on it.ImageImageImageImageStudents who are pictured have given permission to be on the blog.Image


3 thoughts on “First DAY!

  1. I love the Jaxx beanbags. I think kids (and primary teachers) are naturally drawn to the floor because of our desire to be related to the work and those we are working with. It is nice to see something that fits that desire so comfortably. Thanks for sharing!

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