First Visitors

Photo Aug 19, 9 43 51 AM 

Today some pretty important visitors came to see the Primary Innovation Studio—-on the 4th day of school! I was so nervous, but a treasured friend gave me these words, “A visit like this can be a tremendous amount of pressure, but I am confident that your lesson will be fabulous. If you start to feel your adrenaline, just breathe and focus on the kids, they will center you!”

Isn’t that the truth in the midst of national change, turmoil and disagreement in regard to education, change and reform. One just has to breathe and think of the reason we do what we do—the kids.

In this photo, you see kids interacting with NEARPOD. I highly recommend this application for primary teachers. After a couple attempts, kids start to get the hang of it. It is great formative assessment at a glance.

1 thought on “First Visitors

  1. Mary Lisa Harper I am so very very proud of you! You are changing the way teachers need to teach. I always knew you were ahead of the curve! Keep on doing what you do and wiggle on!!

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