Maker’s: A culture, not a space.

Today, I had the honor of venturing out of the doors of my school and out into the world of other teachers’ spaces! Why do we not do this more often? Why do we sit with our teams and plan during our plan “days”?

Purpose today: Maker’s Space

Result: Changed thinking

What a joy to spend a day in professional dialogue about what a Maker’s Space is. Well, my conclusion is that a Maker’s Space is NOT a space. Making is a MOVEMENT. It is a culture, and you feel it when you are in it. It is about student opportunity. Unfortunately, the craft of creating a “maker culture” is not in a book, there are no directions, there are not set up steps to follow. The maker’s culture evolves through collaborative efforts within buildings and classrooms. Today we saw many students involved in making. They were (to mention only a few) scientists, architects, computer coders, artists, inventors, explorers, evaluators, risk takers, inquiry driven problem solvers, mistake makers and above all: engaged people.

What yummy icing on the cake to accompany three other educators today: intermediate elementary, primary elementary, science elementary and district professional development. Between the four of us, every second was filled with questions and ideas which pushed thinking. Together we drew conclusions, with kids in mind every step of the way.

Here you will see a tidbit of our day. Thank you Jenny Henry: Copper Mesa, Dana Palmer: Northridge Elementary, and Tracie King: Acres Green Elementary, Wendy Reitz: Professional Development, Ginny Stafford: 6th MHE, and Brent Valente: Science MHE. Thanks for reflective and pushing conversation……GREAT DAY.


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