Blurb about Assessment:

Alfie Cohn:

ImageDistilling a large body of research, psychologists Martin Maehr and the late Carol Midgley reminded us that “an overemphasis on assessment can actually undermine the pursuit of excellence.”  That’s true even with reasonably good assessments, let alone with those that are standardized.  The more that students are led to focus on how well they’re doing, the less engaged they tend to become with what they’re doing.  Instead of stuff they want to figure out, the curriculum just becomes stuff at which they’re required to get better. 


A school that’s all about achievement and performance is a school that’s not really about discovery and understanding.”



1 thought on “Blurb about Assessment:

  1. seems so obvious – and yet we need to keep hearing it. So, how do we get students to be excited about learning and discovery. I’m thinking of Middle School students as I watch my granddaughter get turned off from school. She is quite excited about writing – which she loves to do!

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